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Measure Your Way to Web Success

The most successful advertisers monitor each and every ad they place to measure if the advertisement is worth their time. This is an excellent idea if you want to know if you should keep repeating the same ads in the same places. No matter what type of advertising you do, in e-zines or on pay per click search engines, it is important to track your results. That's why the following discussion of lead-in pages is so important.

"Lead-in" pages are set up very easily and the only advertise your regular page. This way, you can check your log files (ask your ISP how, if you don't know) to see how many visitors have come to the page and keep track of how effective your advertising campaign was.

To make a "lead-in" page, place the following code in your page:

<TITLE> Your title here </TITLE>
<P>Put all your keywords here, separated by commas,</BODY></HTML>

Now, change the following variables:

http://wwww.your.url.here = The URL you want to direct traffic to!
Your title here = The title of your mirror page!
Put all your keywords here = All your keywords!
CONTENT="1; == The 1 means one second to refresh the page, Set this to any number of seconds you wish!

When a visitor comes to your page, and in one second it will refresh and take them to the URL you programmed in.

Here is a working example: http://www.example.com

NOTE: These "lead-in" pages should only be used for tracking of your advertising campaigns as the major search engines will penalize you for trying to submit these type of pages to their index.

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