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The Basics of Web Design:
From the beginning it is important to realize that there are very diverse schools of thought on what makes a good web site. There are, however, many common elements in the very best web sites which are what is outlined within this article. Keep these basics of web design in mind and the negative effects of poor design will be kept to a minimum.

Taking aim at your audience:

Whether your site is commercial or just for fun, it's "best practice" to have a plan for that site. By defining who your audience is and why it is they are visiting your site, you're better able to design the site for them, the user. Include content such as images or articles that you think will satisfy the reason they have navigated to your page.

Keeping Download Speeds Down:

Ever been to a website that took too long to see? Probably not, that's because you already left. Since you don't want to send visitors to someone else's site, try and keep your download speeds down to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is 10-12 second on a 56k modem. Any longer and you might be waving goodbye to the visitors you've worked to get. Keep the size of graphics low and the number of graphics to a simple necessary few.

All Websites Have Style; some good, some bad.

Image may not be everything, but it sure goes a long way. Create a personal touch by exercising care in choosing graphics, colors, and layout, as well as in writing text and placing navigation aids. These will prove to be the elements which will bring your site to life.

There are a great deal of things to remember when designing a web site, the above being just a few. For more information read "Web site Development Tricks."

Webmasters Manual:


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