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Get the Bug: Viral Marketing Exposed

Most marketers know what it is, but very few have the creativity and know how to implement it.  Viral marketing is a process developed that can be used or taken up by other people without your having to work much at it.  The question is: How does it apply to affiliate marketing?

What are "contagions" and what kind can be developed for my business?
You very well may already have in mind at least one example of a viral marketing strategy. Most marketers will immediately say "Hotmail" has been the most recognizable and productive since that company's inception.  Most of us however may not be aware of a number of others that are just as useful.  

Here are a few examples of the tools you might use in your viral marketing effort:

  • E-books
  • Auto-responder documents
  • E-mail and discussion forum postings
  • Helpful/delightful downloadable files
  • Something fun or unique on your site - or that is your site
  • Spreadable articles
  • Joint venturing
  • Offline promotional techniques (such as press releases)

E-books as a viral tool:
There has been a great deal of discussion the past few months on the importance of using e-books as a viral marketing option.  Similar to publishing articles and press releases (which are mentioned later in this article) you can not only spread the word about your product or industry, but earn money while you are doing it. A well written e-book has gobs of viral potential.     

More viral ideas for affiliate marketers...
How about a quick look into some of the other toolbox trays?...

E-mail and discussion forum postings -- Any old e-mail message might become viral! - it just has to be interesting enough.  

Helpful/delightful downloadable files -- An example:  Have you ever noticed how many screensavers some people go through in a year?...  And how they get passed around?  Get your business name/URL - even your affiliate program link - on the really nifty one/s you create and give away.

Something fun and unique on your site - or that is your site -- Word of mouth is a great viral tool, of course!  What cool tool or amazing graphic or hilarious soundbyte, for example, is on your site and no other? ...Make it "associated" with your affiliate program somehow.  (And then let press releases - viral in themselves, since they get passed along in the media - help the mania grow.)

Joint venturing -- Back to e-books for a minute...  What about trading endorsing links in your e-book with another e-book author?  When you tap into someone else's subscriber or customer base...  That's a great viral marketing strategy!   

These are just some of the many ways to apply viral strategies to your online efforts! So quit stalling and get the bug!

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