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Use the Post-Holiday Lull to Your Benefit

After the traditional increase of holiday traffic, many webmasters and advertisers usually expect a lull in the following months.  Instead of worrying about the inevitable--low amounts of traffic--why not use this time for your benefit?  The smartest move at this juncture may not be pulling all your resources to generate traffic from an already slow market, it may be better to adapt to the climate rather than to fight against it.  Schedule a time for yourself and your associates to brainstorm new and inventive ways to improve your site during the lull. Starting the New Year off on the right foot is essential to a successful business.  

Internet Marketing Guru
Peter Prestipino suggests the following agenda to consider during the post-holiday lull brainstorming:
1. Revamp your site.  Slow times on the web is the perfect time to revamp your site.  Consider what you can do to make your site more user-friendly.  Is your site easy to navigate around?  Are your toolbars, buttons, graphics as clear as they can be?  Are all your links working?  If there are improvements and updates to be made, this is an ideal time to make them.    

2. Experiment with new programming.  If you use the lull to experiment with new programming, you maybe able to fix possible bugs before they reach too many end-users.  The lull provides you a time to incorporate interactivity and try out new scripts without having to worry about exposing your site to many visitors in its less-than-perfect state.  Before adding fancy scripts and interactivity, be sure to read the article below about dHTML and apply its principles to assess whether this is worth your time and effort.  

3. Foster Better Customer Relations.  Communication is always the key to better relationships.  Email your customers and let them know that you appreciate their business, or ask for feedback.  Be creative!  Since traffic, and in turn correspondences, may be slow this month, you can afford the time to build contacts by soliciting customer response.   

4. develop new affiliations.  Affiliate programs not only help to generate more traffic, but it is also useful to generate some additional revenue!  7Search.com's affiliate programs are sure to help you succeed!  Please visit www.paypertext.com and www.pay-per-search.com for additional information.

Don't be too concerned about the downturn in traffic.  Just remember to use the time wisely and traffic and business will pick back up in no time. 

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