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Reciprocal Link Strategies:
More "Relationship" Than "Efficiency"

Would you ever try neglecting to spend time or money on your significant other in favor of “efficiency”?  How about explaining to your loved one that celebrating “Valentine’s Day” is just not “efficient”?  If you would not dare try such a maneuver with a loved one who would tend to be more forgiving, why would you try to initiate a business relationship on such shaky grounds? 

With popular search engines—such as google.com—using link popularity as a strong determining factor in their ranking algorithm, more webmasters are seeking reciprocal link relationships to ensure a high ranking on search return lists.  Software designers with their marketing antennas up high have picked up on this “demand” for direct links and have in turn created link generating software (such as Zeus) to automatically “supply” links and email webmasters on behalf of its users to establish link relationships.  “Efficiency” appears to be the idea behind such programs: save time, save money, increase success. 

You may even have been a recipient of such “efficient” messages, which often begins with “Hi, I was just visiting your site and think we should exchange links.…”  If you have been the recipient of such a message, chances are, you most likely have also been the “deleter” of such a message.  The vagueness of the software-generated message is a dead-ringer to any webmaster accustomed to receiving thousands upon thousands of spams that this message is just like the others.  They will also most likely not give a message like that a second glance before placing it in the deleted items box.

What went wrong in the equation?  Wouldn't "supply for a demand" + "efficiency" = results?  Here’s the catch: one must think about reciprocal links in terms of “relationships” rather than the economic curve.  Just as you would not trust your computer to automatically generate a love poem for your significant other, you can hardly ask your new software to “creatively” court your important potential business affiliate.  If you choose to use the direct link method for generating reciprocal links, remember to treat your mail recipient the way you would like to be treated: email them only if you believe the link relationship is mutually beneficial, and make sure to be highly specific and sell them on the importance of such a relationship before they can hit the delete button and curse the spammer who wasted their time.  

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