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Think Locally:
Creative Ways to Generate Traffic

Chances are, your website is not as well-trafficked as Amazon.com or Gap.com; but chances are, your business’ name is not as recognizable globally nor is it aiming to reach that wide of an audience.  The most efficient means to generate web traffic on a smaller scale is to begin locally, pointing out the distinctives of your smaller business and targeting a niche market instead of competing with the larger conglomerates.  That way, your local rare bookstore with wonderful ambiance and great coffee would be no competition for Amazon.com.

Web Ring:
Create your own web ring!  Web rings are an excellent means of generating no cost traffic.  You can join a web ring to receive traffic from sites with related products or interests, or you can create a location-specific web ring.  For example, approach your local chamber of commerce to start a local business web ring: this will be beneficial for the economy of your city or town and make your services more assessable for local searchers. 

Be a Local Web Hero
There are various means of publicizing your business locally that will increase the name recognition and corporate image of your company and even improve the community in which you live.  Sponsor a little league team or provide your services pro bono at a local non profit organization. 

Networking: Be the Web Guru of Your Town
Perhaps the most useful yet untapped publicity resource is you!  Improve your networking skills by refining your “elevator pitch”—so named for the short amount of time that is spent with an acquaintance on an elevator ride.  If you have a refined “pitch” for your business, you can use this anywhere you go!  This is effective for any word of mouth encounters: whether it is on a sales call, at a trade show, seminars, workshops, or even a trip to the mall with your children, you can “sell” your business anytime someone asks how things are going with you. 

Mobile Marketing
Turn your car into a mobile marketing machine!  This may at first sound ridiculous, but during the dot com craze, it was not uncommon for cars in larger cities to be used as mobile billboards.  You can print the logo and URL of your company onto a magnetized sign which can be easily attached and removed from your car.

Remember, the sky's the limit when it comes to creative means of self-promotion.  Any means to get your name "out there" is beneficial. 

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