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Effective Press Releases:
How to Get Media Coverage for Free

Aside from advertising, what is the single most effective way promote your website?  The effective writing and distribution of Press Releases.  Not only will well-written press releases afford you free press coverage, but they will also give the material you are presenting for print more credibility.  Imagine yourself flipping through a magazine, what are you more likely to believe, something that is listed in the "paid advertising" section, or something from "unbiased" the "news" section?  You, like most other readers, are more likely to trust the credibility of the "news" section rather than the advertisement section.  

What readers may not know is that a clearly written press release can be picked up by magazines and e-zines and reprinted as is.  Therefore, you can ensure a spot in the publication of your choice and send the message you want to through a medium they trust.  So before setting aside a large chunk of your budget for advertising, why not invest some time in producing or hiring someone to produce for you effective press releases? 

A press release that is likely to be noticed by editors are ones that are timely and newsworthy.  Those are the two most important factors to keep in mind.  As you begin to construct a publicity campaign for your company, be sure that your strategies involve timing.  Are you about to release a product or is your company about to undergo a change?  Work on the press release concurrently to make sure that the press release will be sent out in a timely fashion.  

Another thing to be mindful of is the tone of your press release.  If you want to be sure that your press release does not end up in the discard pile, make sure your tone is not too "sale-sy."  Think like a reporter and stick to the facts.  Remember, the facts that you are presenting should be compelling enough to catch the editors' eye.

Below is the essentials that ought to be included in every press release and an example to help you to understand it.  

1.  The Standard Introduction to a Press Release--


2.  Standard Contact information including phone number and address--

      3950 Avondale Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
      Peter Prestipino or Grace Chan 773.283.0086

3.  An Effective and Pithy Title that draws readers' attention

        Second Most Traffcked PPC 
        introduces the DREAMTOOL™  

4.  introduction, or "Summary Lead" including the main journalistic "who, what, when, where, why, how"  

     Chicago—7Search.com announces the release of DreamTool(tm), a software that reduces time spent on administrative and clerical tasks by one-third for its customers who also advertise at GoTo.com.  

5.  Body Paragraph, formulated in the inverted pyramid format (It is here that you may want to including a quote from a company representative to add credibility to your piece.  You also want to make explicit why this event newsworthy.  Towards the end, you may want to include company information and additional contact information).

The DreamTool(tm) makes the management of bids more cost and time effective by generating free reports that alert 7Search advertisers of savings opportunities and overbidding errors at Goto.  

Offering one of the easiest user-interfaces, the DreamTool(tm) automatically memorizes your keywords, ranking and bid amount when you enter them at GoTo.  On subsequent visits, the DreamTool(tm) will only show the keywords that underwent a ranking change or offer a savings opportunity.  This function saves the advertiser both time and money. 

From their experience in the paid search engine business, 7Search.com sets itself apart from similar tool providers.  As the second most visited pay-per-search search engine aside from GoTo by Alexa ranking, 7Search utilizes its expertise in the development of the DreamTool(tm). 

7Search.com has the backing and resources of EMERgency 24, Inc., its 34-year-old US parent company with 24-hour personnel in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile.  7Search.com is part of a family of Internet companies with over 1,300 domains providing webmasters with money-making resources.

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