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Set Down your Optimization Tools:
Maximize Revenue and Traffic by Using
Pay-Per-Ranking Search Engines

With as many self-proclaimed Search Engine optimization experts as there are stars in the sky, sometimes it's best to just give a little to pay for placement search engines to get a little traffic in return.  So save your time, money and frustration for your web businesses' other more essential endeavors.

Below are two strategies that will benefit webmasters in their pay for placement search engine campaigns.

FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on the prospective clients
A website that is packed with many offers will tend to confuse the visitor and sell very little, if anything at all, making the results almost impossible to measure.  If you decide to advertise by paying for visitors, you should have just one product or offer on each advertised page.  That way, you only receive surfers who are seeking your product specifically.  

There are millions and millions of potential keywords or keyword combinations that might be appropriate for your product.  That's why it's best to research your market's primary keywords thoroughly and not enter into any pay for placement campaign with less than 100-150 keywords. There may be only four or five of these primary keywords that are completely relevant.

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